Book Review: Another Day in the Frontal Lobe -Katrina Firlik

“A lesson learned early on is that a sin of commission is better than a sin of omission. Better to do too much than too little. If you appear weak or indecisive, people will walk all over you.”-Katrina Firlik 

Rating: 5/5

Dr. Katrina Firlik, who describes herself as “part scientist, part mechanic”, is in a minority: with 4,500 neurosurgeons in the US, or about one for every 65,000 people, only 5 percent of them are women. Another Day in the Frontal Lobe takes dived into the world of neurosurgery as well as Dr. Firlik’s thoughts and experience. Katrina Firlik,is a neurosurgeon, among a career dominated by men.

Begins her book by describing what her childhood was like. Most may be surprised to hear that, she unlike most people, didn’t know what she wanted to be as an adult. Dr. Firlik shows sympathy, but does so while offering a real life insight to the world, of neurosurgery, from a physician’s perspective.

For some this book may seem a bit controversial. As a physician Dr. Firlik,  explains some provoking thoughts that take religion, society, etc into consideration, to mention a few. This of course, is normal for someone who has ten years of experience with treating patients and being around their loved ones. Thus, this book is a little biased. However, it is important for readers to remember, that it’s an autobiography after all.

As a Med student myself, I would most definitely encourage individuals to read this book. For those considering to go off to Med school, this is a great book. Ms. Firlik almost makes you feel as if you were in her shoes. For those who aren’t necessarily interested in Med school, I would still recommend this read. Hopefully, for many of you, who choose to give this book a try will be able to be more informed about certain diseases on your next visit to a physician’s office.

“This book can be gruesome at times, as Dr. Firlik describes some of the more bizarre cases she has dealt with, and may not be for the squeamish. Some of the stories have sad endings, and others end happily. In the end, they probably all add up to the complex life of a neurosurgeon: dealing with one of the most eloquent parts of the human body is fraught with both great risk and great possibilities to heal.Visit Dr. Katrina Firlik’s web site to find out more about her book, learn about the brain, and see her intriguing drawings of parts of the brain and some of the tools of her trade.”- (McElhearn, “Book Review: Another Day in the Frontal Lobe”, 2007)

Questions to consider:

  1. Do you plan on attending Med School?
  2. What is your opinion on women being a minority in the field of neurosurgery?
  3. Please let me know of any book recommendations down below!! 

Much Love -Jenni xx

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